New-build Code 6 Eco house, Leicesteshire

Lawn House is the first private house in the UK to be constructed from pre-fabricated masonry cavity wall panels. The red brick exterior reflects the adjacent houses, and the bonding articulates the panel construction.

The house is designed to be Code 6, and to meet Lifetime Home standards.

In-roof pvs and solar thermal panels cover the entire south facing roofs.

Water heating is supplemented by a woodburning boiler stove.

A whole house heat recovery system and automatic valves from the sunroom recycle warmth within the house, while triple-glazed windows and super-insulated walls, floors and roofs minimise heat loss.

A greywater system is installed to recycle shower and bath water to flush w.c.s, and rainwater is harvested to water the garden.

We were awarded a National Brick Award for the house in 2011.



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